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Registration Information 2023

Published by Greg DeArmond
Feb 22, 2019

Mat-Su Softball Team and Player Registration for the 2023 Regular Season opens March 1

Team Registration Deadline for the 2023 Regular Season is Friday, April 15th. NO EXCEPTIONS

Player Registration DEADLINE is July 14th.  All players MUST REGISTER prior to playing. 

Teams are required to have a minimum of TEN(10) REGISTERED players by the team registration deadline.

All Teams & Players must complete registration prior to playing. Registration IS NOT COMPLETE until payment is received.  

Coed Team Registration fee - $650
Men's Team Registration fee - $725 
Player Registration fee - $100  
Coed Player Registration for a second team fee - $90

Players may be added to a team roster up until the TEAM ROSTER DEADLINE July 14.
Senior - $10 
Military - $10

Discount Codes: Military Discount for Players (Military), and Senior discounts for players over 50 (Senior) You will need to "type in" these codes for the appropriate discount when you register your team and/or yourself. You may be asked to show proof either with DD214 or Military Active or Retired ID card.

Team and Player Registrations can be completed Online through the online registration process found on this website.  Regardless of how one selects to pay, each player needs to register online.  Likewise, one representative or player from each team needs complete Team Registration online regardless of the payment method.

To register yourself for as a player click on Registration found on the the Menu Bar at the top of the MSSA Homepage.  A new secure page will open offering you five options, here you'll click on Coed Player Registration, Coed Player Registration - 2nd Team, or Men's Player Registration. Then you will be prompted to enter Athlete data followed by Program data.  School name is not required.  At the bottom of this page is the opportunity to Register yourself for more Programs or Register a New Athlete for the same or another Program.  For example, if you are completing Men's Player Registration, you may add Coed Player Registration to be registered for both Men's and Coed leagues. 

You'll be asked about the Team Name and Team Classification you're registering to play on this season, and the prior season if applicable.  As each page is completed you'll Save and Continue.  Please read the Player Agreement and Liability Waiver.  Next will be opportunity to Review and Confirm your Athlete data and the Programs you're registering for, carefully review.  Confirm by signing, typing your name in the associated box.

The Online Payment process will accept American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa, or Debit card.   Successful completion of Payment will be confirmed and you'll receive an email receipt for payment. 

Those wishing to pay by cash or check can print downloaded Team and Player Registration forms available on the MSSA website to turn in along with their payment. Please submit registration form(s) along with payment(s) to the Mat-Su Softball Association; 4900 Palmer-Wasilla Hwy; Ste 111; Wasilla, AK 99654.  It is manditory for all to register online even whether you pay through the website or opt to pay by cash, check, money order, etc.

All Minor Players under the age of 18 must have a Parental Consent form completed by a parent or legal guardian accompanying their registration. A Parental Consent form is available for download on the MSSA website.

Please email us at matsusoftball@gmail.com if you have any questions.

Thank you,

Mat-Su Softball Association